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AlienKing's Medals


Total Medals Earned: 93 (From 18 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,245 Points


Medals Earned: 7/45 (40/1,440 points)

Apples 5 Points

Add an Orchard to the Farm.

Infinite Space 5 Points

Build the Storehouse.

Instant Meat 5 Points

Defeat a Boar.

Metallurgy 5 Points

Build the Smelter.

Sharecropping 5 Points

Build the Farm.

Shelter 5 Points

Build the Hut.

Bon Appetit 10 Points

Build the Kitchen.

Building My Way 5 Points

Build a structure with a Blueprint.

Heavy Lifter 5 Points

Get the Backpack.

A Good Trade 10 Points

Build the Market.

Crafting Time 10 Points

Build the Workshop.

Power Up 10 Points

Build the Power Plant.

Wyrmslayer 10 Points

Defeat a Wyrm.

Charging Up 25 Points

Catch an Electric Eel.

Distant Shores 25 Points

Build the Dock.

Experiments 25 Points

Build the Laboratory.

Forging Ahead 25 Points

Activate the Forge.

Get Wyrm 25 Points

Now what do I do with it?

Going Up? 25 Points

Build the Elevator.

Heavier Lifter 25 Points

Buy a Super Pack.

Industrialize 25 Points

Build the Factory.

Infinite Blood 25 Points

Build the Wyrm Pen.

Milking Pigs 25 Points

Add a Pen to the Farm.

Mmm, Cheese 25 Points

Cook a Pizza.

Rockslayer 25 Points

Defeat a Golem.

Shiny 25 Points

Mine a Diamond.

Shocking 25 Points

Defeat a Diode Wolf.

Synthetic Steak 25 Points

Activate the Synthesizer.

The Full Story 25 Points

Read all the Logs.

Whomp 25 Points

Chop down a Purple Tree.

Cyborgification 50 Points

Install a full set of Cyborg gear.

Dragon Master 50 Points

Obtain a full set of dragon equipment.

Dragon Tamer 50 Points

Fly on a Dragon.

Elementary 50 Points

Capture a spirit of every element.

Hatchling 50 Points

Hatch a Dragon from a Cocoon.

Justice 50 Points

Solve the Bandit problem.

Powering Up 50 Points

Upgrade your character with 500 or more Skill Points.

Queenslayer 50 Points

Defeat the Wyrm Queen.

Setting Sail 50 Points

Build a Boat.

Face the Enemy 100 Points

Defeat the Old One.

Human Testing 100 Points

Successfully Confront the Mirrows.

Statue Smasher 100 Points

Defeat the Golemech.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Arcade Builder

Medals Earned: 3/4 (40/90 points)

Opened your arcade! 5 Points

You opened your very first arcade!

Unlocked mind control! 10 Points

You unlocked the ability to read customers thoughts!

Unlocked janitors! 25 Points

You can finally tidy up all that mess!

Completed 1st challenge! 50 Points

You completed the first game challenge!

Boy Band Tycoon

Medals Earned: 2/4 (30/65 points)

Test tube music 5 Points

Create your first band

Better than something! 25 Points

Get 5 stars of popularity!

Crack! 10 Points

Finish a game

Tweet Tweet! 25 Points

Bribe a Twitter Mom.


Medals Earned: 3/18 (60/500 points)

African 5 Points

Play with the African Culture

Mountains 5 Points

Play in the Mountains

Middle Ages 50 Points

Reach the Middle Ages

American 5 Points

Play with the American Culture

Arabian 5 Points

Play with the Arabian Culture

Asian 5 Points

Play with the Asian Culture

Coast 5 Points

Play in the Coast

Desert 5 Points

Play in the Desert

European 5 Points

Play with the European Culture

Grassland 5 Points

Play in the Grasslands

Mediterranean 5 Points

Play with the Mediterranean Culture

Destroyer 50 Points

Destroy at least one other civilization

Future 50 Points

Reach the Future

Industrialisation 50 Points

Reach the Industrialisation

Modern Times 50 Points

Reach the Modern Era

Peacemaker 50 Points

Finish the game with all other Civilizations alive

Wonderful Leader 50 Points

Be a wonderful leader or even better

Perfection 100 Points

Get 250k Points or more

Game Corp

Medals Earned: 5/10 (40/265 points)

Micromanagement 5 Points

Publish 2 Micro Games

Quite Interesting 5 Points

Complete the Tutorial

Owning the mid range 10 Points

Publish a game with 600 quality

The next level 10 Points

Move to Vancouver

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Best Seller 25 Points

Sell 5 million copies of a game

Now that's AAA! 25 Points

Publish a game with 6000 quality

Snowy around here 25 Points

Move to Montreal

Clean up! 100 Points

Win all the Awards in a year

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Gretel and Hansel

Medals Earned: 3/18 (20/500 points)

Baby Steps 5 Points

Make Gretel walk for the first time.

Slingshot Breakfast 5 Points

Obtain the slingshot

Time is Running Out 10 Points

Get the clock

Bitch Slap 10 Points

Shoot mom in the face

Honey Horror 10 Points

Get Bee Death

Sucked Dry 10 Points

Get Spider Death

Electra Complex 25 Points

Get Dad Carriage Death

Gretel Unit 25 Points

Take 200 shots with the slingshot

Here is Mommy! 25 Points

Get Axe Death

Kain 25 Points

Kill Hansel

Kiss That Cyuke 25 Points

Get Rabbit Death

Pecking Order 25 Points

Get Crow Death

Pest Removal 25 Points

Trap the squirrel

The Flamer 25 Points

Get Fire Death

Clockspert 50 Points

Solve clock puzzle

Get Stoned 50 Points

Get all 10 stones

Pop, Rock and Drop It 50 Points

Drop all ten stones

Grimm Master 100 Points

Get all 10 deaths

Hungry Gamers

Medals Earned: 3/5 (115/150 points)

Grab Bag 5 Points

Grab the bag!

Arrows Get 10 Points

Defeat Glimmer

To the Dogs 100 Points

Defeat Cato

Alliance 10 Points

Form an alliance.

Crowd Pleaser 25 Points

You call that a kiss?

Idle Web Tycoon

Medals Earned: 25/30 (285/495 points)

5 Botnets 5 Points

Purchase 5 Botnets

5 One Minds 5 Points

Purchase 5 One Minds

5 PCs 5 Points

Purchase 5 friends PCs

5 Quantum Chips 5 Points

Purchase 5 Quantum chips

5 Quantum Rifts 5 Points

Purchase 5 Quantum Rifts

5 Refreshers 5 Points

Purchase 5 auto-refreshing tabs

5 Sentient Techs 5 Points

Purchase 5 Sentient Techs

5 Server Farms 5 Points

Purchase 5 Server farms

5 Servers 5 Points

Purchase 5 dedicated servers

5 Super Computers 5 Points

Purchase 5 Super Computers

10 Botnets 10 Points

Purchase 10 botnets

10 One Minds 10 Points

Purchase 10 one minds

10 PCs 10 Points

Purchase 10 friends PCs

10 Quantum Chips 10 Points

Purchase 10 quantum chips

10 Quantum Rifts 10 Points

Purchase 10 quantum rifts

10 Refreshers 10 Points

Purchase 10 auto-refreshing tabs

10 Sentient Techs 10 Points

Purchase 10 sentient techs

10 Server Farms 10 Points

Purchase 10 server farms

10 Servers 10 Points

Purchase 10 dedicated servers

10 Super Computers 10 Points

Purchase 10 super computers

1K views 10 Points

Reach over 1000 views

1 Million views! 25 Points

Reach over 1 million site views

Maxed Ads 25 Points

Increase the number of ads to x9

Maxed Bandwidth 25 Points

Increase bandwidth to x9

1 Billion views!! 50 Points

Reach over 1 billion views

250+ Assets 10 Points

Buy over 250 items from the store

1000 Clicks 25 Points

Manually click the refresh button over 1000 times

500+ Assets 25 Points

Buy over 500 items from the store

700+ Assets!! 50 Points

Buy over 700 items from the store

1 Trillion views!!! 100 Points

Reach over 1 trillion views

Pest Control

Medals Earned: 3/9 (80/340 points)

Infested! 5 Points

Lose the game.

Entirely Professional 25 Points

Beat the game without ever using any traps.

Pest King 50 Points

Beat the game.

Bad Priorities 10 Points

Have $1,000 or more at one time.

Home Remedies 25 Points

Beat the game without ever using the exterminator.

Professional Pest Squasher 50 Points

Beat the game without upgrades.

The Big M 50 Points

Have $1,000,000 or more at one time.

Pest Master 100 Points

Get all the upgrades, buy at least 30 traps, pay at least 20 exterminators, get at least 200 investments, and have at least $100,000,000 at one time, all in one game.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Pillow City Zero

Medals Earned: 4/5 (65/115 points)

Looter 5 Points

Pick first item

Doping 10 Points

Use any consumable item

Alchemist 25 Points

Combine a formula

Uprooter 25 Points

Defeat the rafflesia

Slayer 50 Points

Defeat the Giant Zombie